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European Overview

Country Name Capital Population (million) Area (sq km)
Albania Tirana 340 28 748
Ireland Dublin 360 70 282
Estonia Tallinn 150 45 200
Andorra Andorra 7.2 468
Monaco Monaco 3.1 1.95
Luxembourg Luxembourg 41.7 2 586
Spain Madrid 3 970 505 925
Sweden Stockholm 884 449 964
Macedonia Skopje 220 25 713
Italy Rome 5 720 301 277
San Marino San Marino 2.5 61
Budapest Yugoslavia 1 021 93 031
Greece Athens 1 050 131 957
Switzerland Berne 730 41 284
Moldova Kishinev 431 33 700
Lithuania Vilnius 370 65 200
Latvia Riga 250 64 600
Vatican Vatican 0.13 0.44
France Paris 5 850 551 602
Iceland Reykjavik 27.4 103 000
Poland Warsaw 3 860 312 683
United Kingdom London 5 882 244 100
Liechtenstein Tile degree hereby 3.1 160
Slovakia Shovels the Teece Lafayette 540 49 035
Netherlands Amsterdam 513 338 145
Ukraine Kiev 5 140 603 700
Portugal Lisbon 992 92 072
Malta Valletta 37.5 316
Russia Moscow 14 770 17 075 400
Belgium Brussels 1 020 30 528
Croatia Zagreb 450 56 538
Finland Helsinki 513 338 145
Bulgaria Sofia 840 110 993
Germany Berlin 8 220 356 970
Czech Prague 1 033 78 864
Romania Bucharest 2 260 237 500
Norway Oslo 440 386 958
Slovenia Ljubljana 198 20 256
Austria Vienna 820 83 858
Belarus Minsk 1 031 207 600
Denmark Copenhagen 527 43 094

Name: Europa Island, known in Europe.


Location: Located in the northwest of the Eastern Hemisphere, Asia's west. The Arctic Ocean north west and the Atlantic Ocean, south across the Mediterranean and Africa, across the east to the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, Great Caucasus mountain range, the Bosphorus, Dardanelles boundaries with Asia, north-west across the Greenland Sea, Denmark Strait and North America relative.


Area: 10.16 million square kilometers, accounting for the world's total land area of 6.8%, just over Oceania, is the world's sixth continent.


Scope: mainland China Polar Ural Mountains east (longitude 66 ° 10 ', latitude 67 ° 46'), south Marocchi angle (W 5 ° 36 ', latitude 36 ° 00'), west to Cabo da Roca (West After 9 ° 31 ', latitude 38 ° 47'), north to nordkinn (longitude 27 ° 42 ', latitude 71 ° 08').


Residents: Europe is one of the most densely populated continents. Continent-wide population of the urban population accounts for about 64%, inferior in all continents and in Oceania and North America, ranks third. Europe's most dense population distribution to the west, the middle Rhine Valley, the Paris basin, Belgium, the east and the River Thames downstream per square kilometer are more than 200 in Europe most of the residents are white (white race). The residents belong to the following language: Indo-European, belong to the residents of this language accounted for 95% of the total population of continents, including the Slavic, Germanic, Latin, Albania, Greece, the Celtic languages of the peoples; Uralic languages, including Finland, Ugric, Sa Moye-language nation. Residents of believers, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox and so on. Italy's capital Rome is located in the northwest corner of the city within a country the Vatican, is the world's Catholic Center.


Western Europe: a narrow sense, refers to the western verge of the Atlantic, the European region and nearby islands, including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Monaco. An area of more than 930,000 square kilometers. Usually called the European capitalist countries in Western Europe. Narrow sense of the terrain in Western Europe is mainly plains and plateaus, mountains smaller size. Located in the westerly wind belt, most of the region is a maritime temperate broad-leaved forest climate, rainfall abundant, stable and foggy. Many rivers into the Atlantic Ocean. The main minerals are coal, iron, oil, natural gas, sylvite. Crops of wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, sugar beet-based. Grapes and apples. Than those in developed fisheries and livestock industries. Belgium and France produced Eerdengma, Berkshire pork produced in the United Kingdom, Yorkshire pigs, Large White, Ai Erxia cattle, Thoroughbred stallion, the Netherlands produced the Netherlands and other fine breed cattle world-famous.

Central Europe: refers to the Baltic Sea to the south of the Alps to the north of Europe, the central region. China-EU countries included Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. An area of more than 1.01 million square kilometers. The tall southern Alps and its offshoot the Carpathian Mountains, etc. entrenched, mountain multiple fall basin; northern plains, by the Quaternary glaciation, multi-glacial terrain and lakes. Temperate broad-leaved forest located in the maritime climate to the continental temperate broad-leaved forest climate transition zone. In addition to the Danube, Europe's second river flows eastward into the mountains of southern black overseas, the majority of the river north into the Baltic and North Sea. Major minerals are lignite, hard coal, potash, lead, zinc, copper, uranium, magnesite, bauxite and sulfur and so on. Crops of wheat, barley, rye, potatoes and sugar beet-based, but also temperate fruit production. Livestock industry in the more developed, Switzerland Simon Dahl cattle, Saanen goats, toggenburg fine breed goats and other world-famous.


Northern Europe: multi-storey Jutland Peninsula, the Scandinavian Peninsula. Including Iceland, Faroe Islands (Denmark), Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. An area of more than 1.32 million square kilometers. Within the multi-plateau, hills, lakes and glaciers are all covered by the Quaternary ice age, so many glacial terrain and coastal fjords. The Scandinavian Peninsula, an area of about 80 million square kilometers, the Norwegian coast in steep ups and downs, many islands and fjords. The Scandinavian mountains north-south peninsula, about 1500 kilometers and a width of 400-600 km, the western slope of the steep, SU flat, for an age-old Taiwan-shaped mountain, individual areas covered by glaciers, Norway, the territory of Georgia Bartlett Peak 2470 meters above sea level, to the highest point of the peninsula. Iceland's volcanoes and hot springs more. The Nordic region is a most temperate coniferous forest climate; only the warm North Atlantic, the Atlantic coastal areas due to the impact of mild weather, is a temperate broad-leaved forest climate. River short-circuiting anxious, abundant water resources. The main minerals are iron, lead, zinc, copper and so on. Forest widespread. Crops of wheat, rye, oats, potatoes, sugar beet-based. Livestock industry in the more developed. Rich in fish, the west coast is one of the world's three major fishing grounds. The world's total fish catch of about 9% or so.


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